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I need a financial/provision miracle. I'm borderline homeless, live in a toxic black mold house, and have a toxic financially abusive job. The salary is very low and they keep reducing hours and now I have to pay all bills on 2 day a week job. I work extremely hard to the point of burnout/stress, yet they reduce our salary every year while increasing quota/perfection demands. They are making a very large profit off of us, so there is no reason to do this. It has caused me great pain and hardship. I haven't been able to find anything better after years of trying/searching. I have no retirement savings and am nearing that age. Because of the mold in the furnace, I have to heat the home with many electricity space heaters and can't afford that. I need a great provision miracle, a full-time job that's not abusive, the ability to pay off all debts, and a home with proper heating/no mold or toxic substances.

Received: January 19, 2024

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